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Use your fingers on her

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“If You Know Someone Who Doesn’t Believe Sexism Exists, Show Them This
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// Happy Fathers Day//

To all you baby daddys, fathers to beautiful children ( all kinds, too. ) and the fathers to those… Facials that are so favored in pornos.

Happy Fathers Day!

Feeling naughty ;-)

Feeling naughty ;-)

Feeling naughty ;-)

Feeling naughty ;-)

highly-most-hated said: What part of texas r u from? i live outside dallas

I definitely don’t give out my location, mainly for safety reasons Q.Q

// TAILS//

Somebody buy me a tail for my birthday plz & thank you 

// More porn?//

I started another porn blog - this one is specific to my tastes; and features more of my body. I’ll be taking requests for postings there & here. is the link (:
I’m still setting up, so don’t judge! You can check my /me tags for photos already posted!

rand0m-shiz said: So when is your new blog gonna be up?

It’s up & running! Changed the name.

A little haven
for all your
special needs.
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